Norway Connect Indonesia assisting Finnish companies to enter the Indonesian market

Indonesia offers many exciting opportunities for businesses specialising in technological innovations, but understanding how to best navigate the waters can sometimes be a daunting prospect for international companies looking to expand into Southeast Asia’s largest economy. But things just got easier for Finnish businesses because Seven Stones Indonesia and Valuehammerers Ltd. Have joined forces to promote easier access to the Indonesian market for Finnish companies and investments under the banner of Seven Stones Finland.

Seven Stones Indonesia is the Indonesian-based partner of Norway Connect engaged in providing market entry services and investment opportunities through residential and commercial real estate, as well as investment and business advisory assistance for Nordic companies. Norwegian-born Co-Founder, Terje H. Nilsen says “with us, a company can develop a business presence in Indonesia without necessarily having to establish a local company, but we can also help with that if needed along with business setups and all related legal issues.” Nilsen has worked for nearly 30-years across Indonesia in leading positions in education, hospitality and wellbeing, and since 2016 he has been the CEO of Seven Stones Indonesia. The company has four branches in Bali and one in the country’s capital of Jakarta, as well as being in a joint venture with Norway Connect.

Valuehammerers is a Finnish communications and consulting company that has worked in Southeast Asia for eight years focusing on the economy, labour markets and sustainability matters. Tanja Harjuniemi, Managing Director of Seven Stones Finland, says “in Finland, a product may be refined to the highest level and it may in fact be the best in the world, but if there’s no idea whom it would best suit in Indonesia and who pays for it, market entry may be delayed or, at worst, fail altogether. We are able to identify promising business opportunities in the market and help to find suitable business models, partners, and contacts.”

With a population of 270-million people, Indonesia is the largest nation in Southeast Asia, the world’s fourth most populous country and is currently the world’s seventh largest economy providing enormous opportunities. Its gross national income is approximately USD 3,000 billion (Finland USD 270 billion, PPP). Last year, Finland’s exports to Indonesia amounted to over 150 million Euro. Small and medium-sized companies often target the emerging markets of Southeast Asia via Singapore. However, Seven Stones Indonesia plans to challenge Singapore and aims to set up a Nordic Business Centre in Jakarta to help Nordic companies enter Indonesia more smoothly and efficiently and with more long-term positive outcomes.

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