Strategic Partnership with PINA Center for Creative Financing

On 16 December 2021, PINA Center for Creative Financing and Seven Stones Indonesia signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate and develop a mutually beneficial partnership to obtain optimal results of their services and business. The agreement was signed by Mr. Per Fredrik Ecker, Managing Director of Seven Stones Indonesia and Mr. Eko Putro Adijayanto, Managing Partner of PINA Center for Creative Financing.

PINA Center for Creative Financing is a legal entity engaged in financial advisory services and investment management. PINA Center for Creative Financing started off as a government investment facilitation unit following President Jokowi’s direction on the importance of “creative financing” to attract Foreign Direct Investment. Today PINA Center for Creative Financing has transformed from a government unit into a fully private company, while retaining all its government relationships. PINA Center for Creative Financing is a “Global Local Company” that builds and develops the bridges, as well as the collaboration between Foreign Partners and Indonesian opportunities.

Seven Stones Indonesia provides a range of business services, including but not limited to  market entry, country representation, consultancy and advisory services, tax and accounting packages, marketing services, in the region. Seven Stones Indonesia is a partner of Norway Connect, supporting Norwegian business in Indonesia and Southeast Asia through its representatives and facilitates the provision of financing and investment through its networks which covers the area of heavy industry, aquaculture, marine and fisheries, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Real Estate and Property, Holistic Tourism and creative economy, green energy and Integrated Transport Systems (ITS).

PINA Center for Creative Financing is currently working on various projects involving both private and government related sectors and involved with strategic and financial investors, start-up companies, and other interesting and bankable opportunities that may suit Seven Stones Indonesia’s appetite and vice versa. For this purposes, PINA Center for Creative Financing and Seven Stones Indonesia are setting up a strategic partnership.

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