Our partner in Thailand and Myanmar, Blue Business Solutions Ltd. has been in business for more than ten years. The company has successfully won two public bids to represent Innovation Norway in 2009 and 2013 and has received positive recommendations from Innovation Norway and many of its clients. Due to structural changes at Innovation Norway, all associated consultant contracts have not been extended beyond expiry in 2017.

Blue Business Solutions today works within most of the sectors listed on Norway Connect’s general pages. Both the marine sector and the outbound tourism sector have grown tremendously during the last years and Blue Business Solutions have assisted a number of Norwegian companies in these sectors. Advanced manufacturing and assembly of components have also grown considerably and Blue Business Solutions have assisted several entrants from Norway in this field. Finally, the pioneering work done by Norway in Myanmar has meant that Norwegian companies have needed help in navigating their way into one of the last emerging markets in Asia. Blue Business Solutions work on behalf of Innovation Norway in opening the doors have lead to a number of success cases.

Blue Business Solutions clients include large multinational companies and smaller SMEs as well as Norwegian government support organisations.

In Thailand Blue Business Solutions works closely with the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and Thailand’s Board of Investment.

Below you can find Blue Business Solutions’ key staff in Thailand. In order to minimise spam to our e-mails we are not listing our e-mail addresses, but feel free to contact any of us; our e-mail addresses are constructed according to the following formula: first name full stop last name (at) norway-connect.com.