We have assignments from clients in most lines of industry in both the private and public sectors. Some are large corporations. Others are organisations with a few employees. Some of the largest industries in terms of turnover are in the energy and environment sector including oil and gas, the marine sector (seafood), the maritime sector (shipping) and in tourism and aviation.

We also take on administrative task for some clients for which we hold the local representative office in respective countries. The private sector makes up the vast majority of the client base, and we have a number of international clients.


We encourage all our clients to be open about working with us, but respect that some may desire or need confidentiality. It is an absolute principle for Norway Connect that the client owns the information about the client relationship. Assignments for public sector clients will normally be subject to transparency regulations, but also in such cases, it is the client who owns the relationship and who can comment on the assignment.

Client Quotes

Below are statements from some of the clients we have worked with or currently work with:

Blue Business Solutions Ltd. [Norway Connect’s partner in Thailand] has successfully won two public bids to represent Innovation Norway requiring the company to work according to high principles and standards. The company won the bids due to its strong network and experience in the market. In the capacity as Innovation Norway’s designated representative, Blue Business Solutions has assisted many Norwegian companies with successful establishments leading to business growth. The company has received positive recommendations from many of its clients. Since 2012, Axel Blom has moreover been instrumental in opening the Myanmar market to Norwegian businesses and has led several successful business delegations to the country. Axel Blom/Blue Business Solutions have performed their assignments to our full satisfaction. Based on our experience in the period 2008-2017, we consider Axel Blom/Blue Business Solutions as a competent business advisor in Thailand and Myanmar.

Svend Haakon Kristensen
Regional Director, South and Southeast Asia, Innovation Norway
31 August 2017

Norway Connect recently assisted us in reviewing companies for potential partnerships in Southeast Asia as well as practical arrangements in connection with meeting the candidates. Norway Connect did an excellent job and we are very satisfied with the work done.

Helge E. Jenssen
Senior Vice President, Energy, Multiconsult ASA
22 October 2018