The Energy Sector

Norway’s economic footprint in Myanmar is first and foremost centred on upgrading the country’s infrastructure. The most pressing issue, lack of energy, is being addressed by several Norwegian companies and further opportunities await. Only 30% of the population have access to electricity, access which could mean a lightbulb for 30 minutes each day. As Myanmar’s energy demand grows the lack of energy becomes more prevailing and even in big cities like Yangon and Mandalay, frequent power outages are normal.

Norway has placed emphasis on projects involving clean energy including liquefied natural gas (LNG). Norwegian projects cover everything from large hydropower projects to solar energy projects as well as small scale hydropower projects for rural areas. In regards to LNG, Myanmar have no receiving terminals so the whole infrastructure will need to be built. Myanmar’s Ministry of Energy have had several rounds of invitations to Expression of Interest and more than 100 companies, both foreign and local have submitted proposals.