All countries in the region are focusing on renewables for energy generation to replace polluting alternatives like coal and diesel fired power plants. Each of the countries in the region have different challenges; Malaysia is split in two parts separated by the South China Sea, Hydro power in Myanmar is facing opposition due to lack of environmental and social concerns in large scale projects initiated by the past governments; Thailand has relied too much on imported sources which they have tried to substitute with more polluting local alternatives. At the same time, there is an increased focus on the environment. Several of the countries in the region are heavy pollutants and lately plastic waste and marine plastics have come high on the government agendas. Norwegian know-how and internationally proven technological solutions can play a role in all countries in the region. Through our networks, we can help linking you to decision makers wanting to find reliable clean sources of energy both for small scale and large scale projects as well as ways to handle waste in a more environmental friendly manner.