Malaysia plays a pivotal role in the oil and gas exploration industry in the region with almost ten times the amount of proven oil reserves as compared to Thailand. Malaysian reserves, ranked 27th on a global scale, are on par with the other oil and gas giants in Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Vietnam. While both Myanmar and Thailand have oil and gas reserves, in terms of Myanmar the reserves are mainly in the form of gas being exported to Thailand. Myanmar’s proven oil reserves are only 2% of Malaysia’s reserves and 16% of Thailand’s. Thailand’s reserves are mainly located in gulf of Thailand and several fields are close to depletion. Malaysia has almost ten times more proven oil reserves as compared to Thailand. Malaysia and Thailand have established a Joint Development Area (JDA) containing along the offshore border between the two countries and the state owned companies, Petronas in Malaysia and PTT in Thailand work closely together. With Norway’s long experience in oil and gas exploration, Norwegian know-how and internationally proven technological solutions can play a role in all countries in the region. Through our networks, we can help linking you to the decision makers in the region.