The Norwegian Burma Committee Releases Norwegian Investment Guide

The Norwegian Burma Committee (Burmakommiteen) recently released a Norwegian online guide to responsible business in Myanmar. The guide is in Norwegian language and intends to help Norwegian companies understand the complexities of investing in Myanmar.

The guide contains a number of chapters and summarises with a 11-point list of advice to investors:

  1. Understand the country’s political context and complexities
  2. Be wary of investments in ethnic states
  3. Identify and establish dialogue with political actors
  4. Encourage consultations with affected parties
  5. Scrutinise land ownership documents thoroughly when acquiring land
  6. Respect fundamental labour rights
  7. Maintain rights of women and disadvantaged groups
  8. Make thorough background checks of potential local partners
  9. Create mechanisms for complaint and redress
  10. Have zero tolerance for corruption
  11. Pay taxes

The full guide is available by clicking below.

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